Ladies Kickboxing Knaresborough


These sessions are a mix of pad workouts, non contact Kickboxing and circuit training. 45 minutes of Kickboxing workout in a fun but hard working atmosphere.


Classes currently run on

Wednesday 6:30pm

Thursdays at 7:30pm



'A tough, but super fun class! A great all over body workout'


Worried you won't be able to keep up? Our instructors are here to encourage you and make sure you keep going! We all started as beginners once. Don't put it off, give it a go!


We will give you the workout you need with the encouragement to keep going.


Want to book onto our 4 week trial starting soon? Pop your email address in the box below and we will get in touch.

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*Great workout

*Get fighting fit


*Learn new skills

*Have fun


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